X-Men Legends #11 Lashley Classic Homage Variant - Comics

X-Men Legends #11 Lashley Classic Homage Variant


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APOCALYPSE'S HORSEMEN RIDE FOR THE NEW MUTANTS! Just in time to celebrate forty years of the original NEW MUTANTS, catch up with some old friends - like SUNSPOT, CANNONBALL, WOLFSBANE, BOOM-BOOM, DANI MOONSTAR, RICTOR and more - as CALIBAN leads PESTILENCE and WAR, the remaining horsemen of APOCALYPSE, in a hunt for new blood! Witness the never-before-seen link between the New Mutants and Apocalypse in this all-new tale penned by NEW MUTANTS legend Louise Simonson! RATED T+ (W) Louise Simonson (A) Walter Simonson (CA) Ken Lashley

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