Swamp Thing #2 Cvr A Mike Perkins (of 10) - Comics

Swamp Thing #2 Cvr A Mike Perkins (of 10)


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The trials of Levi Kamei, the new avatar of the Green, grow darker as the Pale Wanderer's bloody spree leaves a trail of death across the Sonoran Desert. While his lessons" begin to show Levi the true nature of what he is becoming, it is Jennifer Reece who'll show Levi that he must contend with his past and his trauma in order to stop the murderous wraith. Will Levi Kamei grasp his newfound place in this world as the Swamp Thing? Or will his fears consume him before the new avatar can even take root? Find out as this eternal conflict of life and death comes to a head! (W) Ram V (A/CA) Mike Perkins"

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