Special Marvel Edition (1973) #15 Cgc 4.0


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Shang-Chi (first appearance, also in flashback); Fu Manchu (first appearance in the Marvel Universe, also in flashback); Tak (first appearance); Si-Fan Assasains (first appearance); Dr. James Petrie (first appearance in the Marvel Universe, robot, death); Sir Denis Nayland Smith (first appearance in the Marvel Universe); Tony McKay (first appearance, in flashback, death); Shang Chi's mother (first appearance); Mutated GorillaShang Chi is a master of martial arts and the son of Fu Manchu, a Chinese mandarin and scientist. Fu Manchu sends Shang Chi to England in order to assassinate the evil Dr. Petrie for the common good. Shang Chi reluctantly agrees, but after the deed is done he is confronted by Sir Denis Nayland Smith, a former British intelligence officer who tells him the truth about Fu Manchu; that he is a nearly immortal evil mastermind. Shang Chi travels back to his father's secret lair in New York and renounces him. Fu Manchu swears to kill Shang Chi for his defiance.

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