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Secret Hero Society HC Vol 05 Field Trip Disaster


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The first ever Secret Hero Society volume narrated by Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)! When a foreign exchange student arrives at Justice Prep, Diana is excited to greet him! While Clark (Superman) is also curious to meet this shy student, Bruce (Batman) is wary. Bruce's suspicions are warranted when they are unable to find any record that this student even exists. When the three confront him, an accident transports them all the way to the 31st century! Now Diana, Clark, and Bruce get to meet the heroes of tomorrow, the Legion of Super Students! Our displaced time-traveling heroes will struggle to grasp future technology, homework assignments, and most importantly bullies. Futuristic bullies who have a plan to go back in time and change the course of history! It's up to Clark, Diana, and Bruce to stop their villainous plan before it happens and find their way back home!"(W) Derek Fridolfs (A/CA) Dave Bardin

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