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John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids Stanleys Ghost #1


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Oh no! Who's been stealing fruit from all the gardens in Arbordale? Was it the prankster Chester Chipmunk? Or maybe Baby Fang? Accusations fly until someone suggests that maybe it was the Ghost of Bunnyburrow Manor! Neighbors have claimed to have seen it flying around, but are ghosts even real? And if they are, why would they be stealing fruit? Stanley Squirrel offers to lead an expedition into the house to see if it really is haunted and find out just what's been going on. But as the gang creeps around the house looking for answers, what they find isn't what any of them were expecting! Jeff Balke (FANTASTIC FOUR, JOHN CARPENTER'S ASYLUM, DEADPOOH), Paul Storrie (ROBYN OF SHERWOOD, HARLEY QUINN & THE GOTHAM GIRLS) and Dave Alvarez (LOONEY TOONES, TMNT, GARFIELD) bring you STANLEY'S GHOST, a Halloween adventure from John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids. (W) Paul D. Storrie (A) David Alvarez (CA) David Alvarez, Jeff Balke

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