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I Like to Read Comics GN A Giant Mess


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A gigantic tyrannical toddler is out to play…with the whole town! A hilarious early reader from comics artist Jeffrey Ebbeler. Molly doesn't want to clean her room; she wants to play. Before Molly can argue with her mom, they hear BOOM! BOOM! A giant toddler is on the loose! Molly watches dumbfounded as Jack picks up cows and plucks airplanes out of the sky all for fun. He even picks up Molly and pretends to fly her around. Vroooom! When his giantess mother calls him home, he gleefully dumps everything and turns to leave. Now it's Molly's turn to say: 'Stop! This is a giant mess!' In this easy reader comic, Jeffrey Ebbeler has created an entertaining tale about cleaning up after yourself. The variety of panel styles, speech bubbles, and fonts are all perfect for engaging developing readers. I Like to Read Comics are created for kids just learning to read. Sequential art and simple text-and a powerful relationship between the two-are the perfect conditions for developing readers. (W/A) Jeff Ebbeler

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