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Hound Heroes SC GN Vol 01 Beware The Claw


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Earth's furriest - and funniest - superheroes make their debut in this hilarious, action-packed graphic novel for young readers! Meet the Hound Heroes: fearless Captain Chihuahua, the big-hearted Great, Great Dane, super-speedy Poodle Girl, cyborg pup Power Pug, and the lovable yet irritating Super Sheep Dog. Together they make up a crack team of earth's furriest heroes! In this first adventure, the Hound Heroes' origin story is revealed when a spaceship crashes in their backyard, giving them superpowers! But they aren't the only ones who benefit - neighborhood alley cat The Claw also gains powers, and she only wants one thing: to destroy the Hound Heroes! Available in softcover and hardcover editions. (W) Todd H Doodler (A) Todd Goldman

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