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Goldie Vance TP Vol 05 Larceny In La La Land


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Thanks to a serendipitous combination of events, Goldie, Diane, and Cheryl find themselves jetsetting to sunny Los Angeles! While Cheryl pursues her space dreams at JPL, and Diane continues her work as a remote scout for a music label, Goldie spends her days getting lost in the haze of old Hollywood, and becoming friends with a silent film star whose golden days are long behind her. But when her new friend is framed for stealing, Goldie must dive deep into the secret history of Tinsel Town to get to the bottom of it all! Acclaimed writer Jackie Ball (Welcome to Wanderland) and Mollie Rose (Steven Universe) present the return of everyone's favorite young detective in an all new mystery with all the glitz, glamor and giant secrets you'd expect from Goldie! (W) Jackie Ball (A) Mollie Rose (CA) Brittany Williams

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