Ginseng Roots 1-6 Set - Comics

Ginseng Roots 1-6 Set


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From ages 10 to 20, Craig Thompson (Blankets) and his little brother Phil, toiled in Wisconsin farms. Weeding and harvesting ginseng - a medicinal herb that fetched huge profits in Chinam - funded Craig's youthful obsession with comic books. Comics in turn, allowed him to escape his rural, working class trappings. Now, for the first time in his career, Thompson is working in serial form, in a bimonthly comic book series. Part memoir, part travelogue, part essay, Ginseng Roots explores class divide, agriculture, holistic healing, the 300 year long trade relationship between China and North America, childhood labor, and the bond between two brothers. The set includes Goodbye Chunky Root mini-comic and a sticker. (W/A/CA) Craig Thompson

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