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Giant Days TP Vol 14


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Return to Sheffield one last time as Daisy and Esther are about to graduate-with Susan there to cheer them on! But it's not over yet, because one year later Daisy and Susan must join forces to save Esther from the head girls who're making her life hell! And then it really might be time to say goodbye… 0 *None* Humor Allison, John Sarin, Max Sarin, Max
Item List 16.99 INSIGHT EDITIONS 5 0 5 0 GREMLINS GIZMOS 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BOARD BOOK ITM886268 STL164503 978164722120151699 9.78165E+17 AUG201437 Relive the cult classic movie Gremlins in this storybook retelling for adults and children alike. On the first day of Christmas, my father brought to me: a mogwai from Chinatown. This clever illustrated storybook retells the tale of Gizmo the mogwai and all of the Gremlins that spawn when a mogwai is fed after midnight. Experience all of the lovable moments with Gizmo as well as the action-packed terror as the Gremlins take over the town. This book is a perfect gift for fans of this dark comedy. (W) Angela Robinson (A) JJ Harrison"

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