Damned Cursed Children #3 (of 5) - Comics

Damned Cursed Children #3 (of 5)


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'We're not going to make it!' Lawrence and Sam fight their way through the streets to their one chance of getting away from the horrors they just survived, only to come face-to-face with a swarm of little monsters! Ted's wife loses her mind as he does the unimaginable, driving through the horrors they barely got away from earlier in an attempt to save them, only to be confronted with his bloodthirsty monstrous daughter. Daisy and her roommates escape the evil that has taken over their home and onto the streets, only to find themselves surrounded by a horde of diminutive horrors! Kendra finds herself trapped and running out of places to hide in a shopping mall crawling with tiny terrors! (W) Howard Wong, Josh Stafford (A) Robin Simon Ng

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