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Carmen Sandiego GN Vol 03 Chasing Paper Caper


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This full-color graphic novel, based on the Netflix series starring Gina Rodriguez, introduces kids to geography, culture, and history. Take in all the action, adventure, and excitement of India with Carmen Sandiego, the world's greatest thief! Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Headed to the Mumbai, India for her next caper! It's up to Carmen and her crew to stop VILE from their evil exploits-but what is VILE after this time? POPULAR FORMAT Graphic novels are all the rage and these accessible, action-packed adaptations of the popular Netflix show are no exception. BASED ON THE EMMY-NOMINATED NETFLIX SERIES A bold, fresh take on Carmen, starring Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez as the titular character, will appeal to both new and long-term fans of Carmen. The show launches worldwide Friday, January 18, 2019, and will be translated into 20 languages. Netflix has 130 million subscribers. EDUCATIONAL CONTENT Born in the school market, geography, history, and culture are innate to the brand. HMH will create and distribute promotional geography posters and card games to students and teachers in 2019 to build brand awareness. And, through a partnership with Google, we will release a series of Google Expeditions hosted by Carmen, in which students can visit her favorite places around the world. Lastly, an interactive experience with Google Earth will allow kids to play the original game! MULTI-GENERATIONAL BRAND APPEAL Carmen's nostalgic appeal makes it the perfect book for both parents and kids to read together! GIRL POWER AND DIVERSITY Confident, savvy, and idealistic, Carmen especially appeals to young female fans and Hispanic demographics.

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