Canto & City of Giants #2 (of 3) - Comics

Canto & City of Giants #2 (of 3)


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To recruit the aid of the Giants, Canto must slay a foul beast that lurks deep in the heart of a maze outside their city. Aided only by a most unexpected weapon, Canto must defeat the Ferro and return its horn-that is, if he doesn't get lost! Canto co-creator and writer David M. Booher teams up with special guest artist Sebastian Piriz (Headspace, Disaster Inc.) in this 3-issue follow up to Canto II: The Hollow Men, with Booher and artist Drew Zucker set to return to Canto's world in the upcoming Canto III: Lionhearted! (W) David M. Booher (A/CA) Sebastian Piriz

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