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Betty & Veronica Bond of Friendship Original GN


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Archie's first-ever original young adult graphic novel, starring everyone's favorite BFFs Betty and Veronica! There are a number of truths in Riverdale-Archie Andrews will forever be clumsy and love-struck, Jughead Jones has an appetite that can never be satiated, Pop's will always serve the best burgers and shakes and Betty and Veronica will be best friends no matter what comes between them. But when a career day at Riverdale High has the two BFFs examining their futures, they start to wonder just where they'll end up-and how their lives may take very different paths. This original graphic novel explores the unbreakable bond that allows Betty and Veronica's friendship to withstand the tests of space and time. (W) Jamie L Rotante (A) Brittney Williams, Matt Herms (CA) Brittney Williams

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