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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 (1963) #604


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Written by FRED VAN LENTEPenciled by BARRY KITSONCovers by LEINIL FRANCIS YU"Red-Headed Stranger" Concludes! MARY JANE WATSON has returned to New York ... and all the worse for her because of what THE CHAMELEON is about to do to it! Time is running out, no one knows whose face the Master of Disguise is wearing now, and Everyone's Friendly Neighborhood-er is locked in a death-duel with Mayor J. Jonah Jameson's all-new SPIDER-SLAYER SQUAD as "Red-Headed Stranger" reaches its explosive (and we do mean that literally) conclusion! Plus: if you thought Peter Parker's love life was a complete mess before, wait'll you get a load of this issue (and the cover right next to this one!) Plus, in Issue #605 don't miss the special "Red Headed Stranger" Epilogue!

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