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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 (1963) #552


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Written by BOB GALEPencils & Cover by PHIL JIMENEZVariant Cover by ADI GRANOVBRAND NEW DAY continues with two new web-slingin' creators: Oscar-nominated screenwriter Bob (Back to the Future) Gale and artist extraordinaire Phil (NEW X-MEN, Infinite Crisis) Jimenez! What starts as a petty theft from a local Soup Kitchen turns into a chase that results in the birth of a brand-freaking-new Spidey villain - and we mean "Freak" literally! Plus: more JJJ! More Daily Bugle - oops, we mean DB! Repercussions from the actions of new villain, Menace! Curt Connors! And - what you've really been waiting for, true believer - Peter Parker does his own laundry! Will those stains come out? And what ARE those stains anyway? Find out in "Just Blame Spider-Man!"

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