Detective Comics Vol 1 (1937) #184 Cgc 4.5


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FIRST FIREFLY1st appearance of Firefly. Cover by Win Mortimer. Stories by Ed Herron and unknown. Art by Dick Sprang, Charles Paris, Leonard Starr, Ruben Moreira and unknown. Garfield Lynns, a disgruntled special effects creator, turns to crime and tries to rob the rich of Gotham City during a gala premiere. The robbery is stopped by Batman and Robin, who pursue Lynns into the swamps, where a lowly firefly distracts the two heroes long enough for Lynns to make his escape. Lynns decides to take on the super-villain persona of Firefly and launches a series of spectacular crimes in "The Human Firefly!" by Ed Herron, Dick Sprang and Charles Paris. Plus: Pow-Wow Smith, Indian Lawman in "The Indian Relic Robberies!" with art by Leonard Starr; Robotman in "Robotman Runs a Restaurant!"; and Impossible -- But True! tale "The Man Who Controlled the Elements!" (featuring Roy Raymond) with art by Ruben Moreira. Also: 2-page text piece "The Most Mysterious Book in the World" by David Kahn. And: Superman says "Hop on the Welfare Wagon!" in a 1-page public service announcement by Jack Schiff and Win Mortimer.

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