Getting Dizzy #2 of 4 Cvr C Corona Variant - Comics

Getting Dizzy #2 of 4 Cvr C Corona Variant


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(W) Shea Fontana (A) Celia Moscote (CA) Jorge Corona Dizzy joins with Chipper and The Rollers to master her new powers as the 'Burb Defender-or rather, learn not to crash every time she puts on her skates.Even in a negative funk the next day after seeing footage of her lack of skating skills, she notices Scarlett, one of the Rollers, being mean and not acting like herself. Scarlett is infected by a Negatrix!Dizzy and her friends devise a plan to free Scarlett from the Negatrix influence, but are the Negatrixes only scared off...and still out there somewhere?

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