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Whistle A New Gotham Hero TP


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Sixteen-year-old Willow Zimmerman has something to say. She advocates on the streets for her community, works nights at the local dog shelter, and tries to help all those in need, even the local stray dog she's named Lebowitz. And most importantly, her mother, who has brain cancer. When she reconnects with estranged family friend E. Nigma, he opens the door to an easier life. Through her new job hosting his private poker nights with Gotham's elites, Willow is able to afford critical medical treatments for her mother. Then one day, Willow and Lebowitz collide with the monstrous Killer Croc and get injured, waking up able to understand each other. But when Willow discovers that E. Nigma and his friends are actually some of Gotham's most corrupt criminals, she must make a choice: remain loyal to the man who saved her mother's life, or use her new powers to be a voice for her community. (W) E. Lockhart (A/CA) Manuel Preitano

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