Master of Kung Fu Vol 1 (1974) #27 Gd


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TEAR ON FRONT COVERShang-Chi knocks over a television antenna and uses it to reach the roof of Fu Manchu's headquarters. He then pulls a rope from a flagpole, ties it to the antenna, and climbs down it. Why? He was walking through Times Square when a man in a robe stopped him and tried to give him a religious tract. A dagger flew out of an alley and hit the man in the back, killing him instantly. Shang-Chi recognized the dragon dagger as a Si-Fan weapon.He smashes through a window and makes his way down through the building. In the bottom of an elevator shaft, he kicks through the wall. Fu tells his Council of Seven that his daughter Fah Lo Suee has found the ruby eyes of Seth-Amon; using their hypnotic power, she has begun to recruit Si-Fan assassins to her own service. A dragon dagger slams into the table. Shang-Chi will hold his father accountable for the death of an innocent man. The seven Si-Fan, of course, attack.Shang-Chi levers the first one into the second and third. He leaps to a beam, breaks it, and lets the beam knock down the fourth and fifth, while he lands on the sixth. The seventh rushes at him and gets flipped onto the table

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