Master of Kung Fu Vol 1 (1974) #26 Gdvg


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* 1st APPEARANCE "FAH LO SUEE"In a restaurant in El-Kh?rga, Egypt, Lord Robert Greville talks to Sir Denis Nayland Smith. He relates a dream in which a bewitching woman appeared to him and promised that he would unearth the Golden Beetle of the pharaoh Seth-Amon. She left him a ring, which he found the next morning. Smith tells him that his father, Shan, encountered this same woman—Fah Lo Suee, daughter of Fu Manchu—that her wiles nearly destroyed him, and that she cannot be trusted. Greville will have none of it. Smith also says that he is looking for Fu Manchu, who seems to be shadowing his daughter. Unbeknownst to Smith, Fu sits at the next table, disguised by a hood.Shang-Chi arrives at the restaurant to meet Smith, but a group of Si-Fan assassins has followed him, disguised by robes. Shang-Chi senses the presence of his father and tells Smith so. Fu stands up and drops his hood. The assassins burst through the windows to cover Fu's escape.The ensuing scuffle fails to convince Greville that he should leave Seth-Amon's tomb alone. After all, Fah Lo Suee has become his muse. He leaves. Shang-Chi remembers his first meeting with her: Fu Manchu introduced his half sister and left them alone. She observed, flatteringly, that he was being trained as a master assassin and then said that a day might come when the both of them might want Fu dead ..

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