Amazing Adult Fantasy (1961) #8 Gd

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CENTERFOLD DETACHED AT UPPER STAPLE1/2” TEAR THROUGHOUT BOOKCover art by Steve Ditko. The Coming of the Krills; The alien Krill offer the most beautiful woman in the universe to an earthman if he will betray his native planet but finds to his regret that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Everyone Likes a...Ghost Story; A swindler buys a castle with the intention of faking it as a haunted attraction, but then he meets a real ghost and dies of heart failure thus ends up legitimately haunting the castle. The Eyes of Edward Morgo. The Yo-Yo. A Monster Among Us; An alien ambassador lands on Earth and, because of its monstrous appearance, is driven away. All scripts by Stan Lee, all art by Steve Ditko.

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