Amazing Adult Fantasy (1961) #12 Gd-


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FRONT COVER ONE STAPLECOUPON CUT OUT & BACK COVER DETACHEDCover art by Steve Ditko. Melvin and the Martian!; A gambling cheat encounters a Martian who offers to give him the secret of never losing if he helps the Martian locate a treasure. I, the Gargoyle!; A kind but ugly, and hence lonely, man pilots a digging machine on a one-way journey to the Earth's core where he discovers a civilization who "see with their hearts" and not their eyes in the dim light. Something Fantastic?; Lee and Ditko are having a story conference stricken with writer's block when a man walks into their office and offers to discuss ideas with them. The Plague! The Living Statues! All scripts by Stan Lee, all art by Steve Ditko

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